From the first moment that we (my wife and I) met Mrs. Wanda, we knew that she is the one who is going to help us with finding our first house and make our quest successful. Her kindness and honesty were showing, and she looked very trustworthy and professional. It was so clear to us that Mrs. Wanda is a woman of her word. Thus, we decided to neglect all what is there on the famous websites, like Zillow, and pick one of her listings. We have lived in classy apartments communities before, so we were looking for a new nice place with the less maintenance needed, within the budget though. Besides that, it was crucial to us to deal with a person that tell us in advance everything about the property and respond quickly and efficiently when a maintenance need pops up. Mrs. Wanda fulfilled all our demands and more, and she did the job perfectly. We are so happy with our new house now. Furthermore, she became to us like a family member, and we really enjoy that. We are definitely so lucky that we knew her, and we will stick with her forever.