I met Wanda several years ago through a family friend. They introduced me to Wanda because they knew I was looking to purchase a home in the Tallahassee area. Wanda couldn’t have been any more amazing. She listened to all of my needs,things I wanted, my budget and understood that this was my first home buying experience. She was able to find several homes at the time that met most of my criteria. We looked at a few homes before we found one that I really loved. This is when Wanda’s experience and professionalism really mattered. It was a short sale with the owners having moved from out of the state. This became an ongoing challenge of hurry up and wait, then keeping up with contract dead lines or termination dates. Wanda’s attention to detail made the difference in me getting into the home I wanted or watching the process bog down and losing the contract. There were many obstacles that she was able to overcome. The entire time she stayed positive and kept me up to speed through the lengthy process. I believe that if it were not for the team of people she works with and the knowledge she has over this areas realty market. I would’ve lost out on a great home. She walked me through my first home buying experience and took such good care of me.Fast forward four years and a few great life changes. I was wanting to sell my home. So Wanda was the only person I needed to call. After making improvements to the house and doing what I thought would help. I contacted Wanda. She once again listened to what I wanted to do or where I was at with the home. We then made a plan of what needed to be done and then worked the plan. It was so great to just be able to listen to her input and have full trust in what she said. That trust was earned getting into the home and I knew what was best for me. That was to Get Wanda involved and listen to the Professional! It was such a Blessing and smooth process this time around. We agreed on a selling price, got everything done on the home and it was the most smooth home sell I think that could’ve happened. Once again, her being able to work so well with all involved, staying focused and keeping me informed was critical. She was always ready for the next step. It once again, proved to be the difference in having a realtor or a realtor that Cares. She is great at what she does. I can’t thank Wanda enough. A true Professional!